Dr. Quinn’s Online Textbook of Otolaryngology

The University of Medical Branch, Department of Otolaryngology
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The following Grand Rounds presentations are available at

“Dr. Quinn’s Online Textbook of Otolaryngology:
Grand Rounds Archive” at


*** Head and Neck Masses in Children [Apr 2013]
*** Pediatric Airway [Apr 2013]
*** Mandible Fractures: Evaluation and Management [Mar 2013]
*** Mucosal Melanoma [Mar 2013]
*** Granulomatous Diseases of the Head and Neck [Feb 2013]
*** Surgical Management of Extra-esophageal Reflux Disease [Jan 2013]
*** Got the Jitters? Voice as symptom and treatment measure in Parkinson’s Disease [Jan 2013]

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Francis B. Quinn, Jr., MD, FACS, MS(ICS), PE
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